Do you suffer from high chollesterol? Do not be afraid of that!

This is absolutly not new to me. Juse really happy that it is now in the mainstreem media.

I have known this since the year 2000 when I first met Paul Chek and got to read the research of Dr. Uffe Ravnskov who is the most well informed medical doctor I have met in the feald of chollesterol. If you have not already read his book: “The Chollesterol Myth” you need to do that.
If you doctor tells you that you suffer from high chollesterol and wants you to take statins, I recommend you to find a practicioner who knows a little more on how to help you with the cause and your over all total health including the root cause of inflammation in your body.

Watch, listen and learn.

Yours in health and happiness – Michael Schjerling


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