Don’t be perfect or I will…

By Michael Schjerling

Personally I love finding the optimal way to do things. This saves me and makes me reach better outcomes faster. But it is a double edged sword. Be very careful that your eager to do things optimal does not come from you being a perfectionist. If that is the case, you tend to not get things done and therefore need to release your need to be perfect. Just do what is most important NOW. Don’t be perfect and let go of that need instantly or I will hunt you down.

Many so called health experts and training gurus today are concerned about the most optimal everything. Like optimal time of day to train, optimal relationship between carbs, fats and proteins after training, optimal way to wake up in the morning, optimal time to drink your water, optimal this and optimal that. That is all good in an optimal environment.

Optimal is really good if you are a member of the elite that get things done. Optimal is good if your choice is between doing A, B or C optimal. Today many people are perfectionists, so because of the advice of many internet gurus those people fall in to the trap of NOT GETTING THINGS DONE AT ALL. They think: “This is not the optimal time, so my metabolism is not bla bla bla…..

Pls come back to reality. The elite don’t wait for the scientifically perfect time. They get things done without excuses.  They have passion and balls of steel. If you want to be elite, cut the talk and TAKE MASSIVE ACTION NOW.

And you know what? Circumstances are NEVER scientifically perfect – NEVER. Yet nature is always perfect in its own way, so all you need to do is listen to her and act accordingly. Are you an inflexible MF, then you should pull yourself together and stretch and mobilize your souls temple big time and all 6 days every week. When you do that… and first then, you can consider the most optimal time to do it, technique, volume etc. Remember TALK IS CHEAP.

Be aware of the “optimal way to do things trap” and stop making more excuses than a pregnant virgin. SHUT UP and GET THINGS DONE.

Michael Schjerling


One response to “Don’t be perfect or I will…

  • wiliam

    yea also the sun shines, so instate of going to the world fit, done with the londry done, and maney other things, 3 hours sleep, coffeeeeeeeees good

    im good your good 😉

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