Lecture at Tartu University, Estonia

By, Michael Schjerlin 28. november 2010

Speech at Tartu University (Estonia) 19'Th of november 2010

Last Friday I had the privilege of doing a lecture at the Tartu University, Estonia. Recently the university turned 375 years so as a gift they gave me a book they had made about the universitys 375 years of history. It was my good friend Brian Lassen who is a remarkable scientist PhD. who got me invited to do this lecture at the university. Brian is a scientist who has the heart correct. In my view he is a true scientist who would rather be independent in his research and wants to find the truth. The organizer was Margus Mustimets, a physiotherapist (MSc) who owns his own clinic. Besides that he is Estonian Physiotherapist Association, chairman of the council.

Michael Schjeling and Margus Mustimets

The lecture I did was about how we can get better and faster results with clients by adressing the 6 foundations for health and peak performance. This was an eyeopener to my estonian audience. The more I work with this the more humble I feel as a human beeing living her on this planet. It is always nature that prevails. Nothing is smarter, better or more intilligent than nature it self. Best results on the long run is always to do it the most natural way. No matter if it is a client with injuries or diseases or if it is an athlete who needs to perform at a higher level. Quite interesting.

Me during and interesting conversation with Margus Mestimets just before my lecture

Me doing yarijutsu with copy of old European spear and armor.


Brian was a wonderful host the 4 days. I stayed at his place together with his family. Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday I was teaching Bujinkan basics of combat at the military base in Tartu for students in Estonia and Latvia. Thanks to Brian for organizing and also to Indrek, Dimitri and Juris for working hard to study and spread the teachings of Hatsumi Soke to Estonia and Latvia. Also many thanks to Brians student Tamur for sharing his knowledge of ancient European armor as well as Japanese armor and for bringing his weapons and armor so we all could study. Also thanks for showing me modern armor and technology at the military base. Last but not least thanks to all the students attending the seminar along whom there were a former bodyguard who used to work for the Estonian government as well as a couple of security and military persons. It was a good atmosphere to share in. It is very easy to feel when people have understanding of true combat. I already look forward to work with you guys again.

Ganseki nage

From left: Juris, Brian, my self, Indrek, Dimitri


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