The 6 Basic Human Needs for Optimal Health & Performance

People ask me why we have so outstanding resuls with our High Performance Athletes and health optimization in general. My answer is because we live our passion, we want the best for you and focus holistic. Our main areas of focus are the below 6 human needs for Health and High Performance Optimization. Use it or Loose it.Keep going – Michael

The 6 Basic Human Needs for Optimal Health & Peak Performance


  • Make your health and performance a ”must”.
  • Know your purpose, have visions and goals and think and speak positive. Remember to just be and live.
  • Live life fully and expand your energy regurlar and do what makes you happy and feels correct for you.
  • Follow your gut-feeling and talk from your heart.
  • Have faith – Be sincere – Practice constantly.


  • Breathe naturally deep and calm on a daily basis in fresh air. Never hold your breath.


  • Drink your bodyweight in KG x 0,033 liters of pure water every day minimum. Add a little un refined see salt or Himalayan Salt.
  • Do not dring during meals. Dring 1-2 glasses of water 20 minutes pre-eating (Room temperature). Wait 1½ hour after eating before you dring again.


  • Eat organic or biodynamic and listen to your body’s unique requirements.
  • Variation is a key factor in nutrition. Plenty of vegetables at minimum 2 meals a day as well as pleanty of fruit.
  • Normally 2-5 meals daily. Every meal should contain fat, protein and carbs. (Do not be afraid of fat even saturated
  • Eat what has always been on our planet. Reduce manufactured foods and sugar.
  • Be outside every day. Especially when sun is shining.

Physical activity:

  • A minimum of 30-60 minutes of physical activity daily.


  • Sleep no later than 22.30 and get minimum of 8-9 hours every night. (Read the article “Søvndoping“)

Always remember the 80/20-rule.


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